Steps How To Make Money With Build An Online Business

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What I want to talk to you guys today about in this article, is how to build an online business specifically how you can build an online business and actually giving you guys some practical steps, steps that you can take steps that I took and still take to this day that's allowed me to create
financial abundance that's allowed me to create an online business that gives me freedom to travel all over the world. and that's the biggest benefit that I believe that an online business can

You know there's many different ways you can make money, I believe in online business is one of the best ways you can make money because you can use scale you can use the internet and leverage technology, you can reach the entire world a global impact that you can have. there's a lot of benefits to making more money but really even what money buys for you is freedom. you know the more money that you have it gives you the the freedom to do what you want when you want with whomever you want or you can also buy yourself more time because you could then outsource and hire other people to do the things in your life that you don't want to do maybe it's cleaning or cooking or whatever it might be and you can really use money to leverage yourself, but the freedom to be able to be location independence that you take your laptop in my case my laptop and my camera and I could be anywhere in the world and I can operate my business.

Not only that if I don't want to operate my business I'm still making money because I've actually
built passive income, and that's one of the other amazing benefits about it. so how do you build an online business how do you create this freedom now there's different business models out there that exist that can allow you to do this I'm sure there's many advertisements courses trainings resources, other videos that you've watched in the past. but I want to cover the the practical how-to but also a bit of the mindset components as well because obviously building an online business in order to do that it's going to require a certain habit a certain mindset to become successful in your life, because you know it's no secret that success does not come easy to most. you know some people it does you know I know some people for example they're given the right opportunity and the timing is right and the success is very easy it seems almost effortless for them I'm sure you may be seeing people like that where seemingly the success came just like that.

There's different factors and different reasons why that might be there their mindset their habits they've already got a lot of things going for them that that made it easy for them but for most of us myself included because it did not come easy for m,e it took me many many years
of struggle and and overcoming a lot of barriers and blocks that I had in my life I want to I want to address that because you know even if a lot of you guys are given the information on how to
build a business and you're given the step by step, well it doesn't guarantee that you're gonna succeed because it takes more than just the step by step it takes more than just the information to
succeed if that was the case in everybody with the information everybody that access to YouTube and Google and even different courses and trainings and even university all those people would be successful,

So information knowledge is not enough it takes a lot more than that and so I want to give you guys a few different steps that you guys can take these are again are the steps that I've taken it in my life, doesn't make make it right or wrong it's just my experience and I'm gonna share with you guys my experience what's worth best for me but also many other people that I've shared this with as well .

1. What online business do you want to create

Okay let's look at the big picture of things as well, let's look at the macro not necessarily the micro because the macro the bigger picture is really the most important thing, step number one is you first got to identify what online business do you want to create, what online business do you want to start.  There's many different online business models out there that exist, you could sell on Amazon physical products, you could do drop shipping, you could publish books on a platform like Amazon, either Kindle books or paperback books you could create information products, you could for example create online courses and training programs, you could even you know create content online like YouTube and you can monetize the videos, you can monetize your content make money that way, you can create software, you can create tools online and sell those, you can create mobile apps, you can do affiliate marketing where you don't even have to create anything and you just basically promote other people's products and you get a commission by promoting those products.

So there's all these different models out there that exist, and I understand it can be a little bit overwhelming, it can be a little bit intimidating, it's like man which one do I do they all seem like great opportunities, and a big mistake that a lot of people make is they try to do it all, and you got to understand that you're not gonna be able to do it all, especially if you're brand new because when you're brand new, there's a learning curve just like anything there's a learning curve where you have to go through initially what I call the suck face, and the suck phase is where you
just suck at everything, you're not good some people they're naturally good at things other people they just have to go through the suck phase, I kind of compare it to learning any new skill like you can learn how to dance I remember once, I didn't know how to dance and I was at a nightclub with my friends and they got me out on the dance floor and I sucked, I was mbarrassed they try to get girls, to teach me how to dance I just felt I had to go through that embarrassment phase for a few weeks before I actually learned how to dance .

There is a key success habit and hopefully you guys didn't miss tha,t because if you're willing to endure the suck face, the learning curve that's where most people give up, see most people they're not willing to suck, they just want to stay in their comfort zone they just want to do what they're already good at what they already know. and the challenge is once you are successful what things, I believe you you've always got to be a student, you've always got to humble yourself and even though you might be successful in one area or two or three different areas of life, there's more to learn, and humbling yourself and having that ability and willingness to go through that phase, go through the learning curve from scratch is very important, but I digress so pick one business model maybe two if you can manage more, okay maybe you're more intermediate more advanced you could do a little bit more it's really up to you, but you got to pick the one that's gonna be read right for you.

Now here's the thing all these different online business models have pros and cons, there's a lot of great things about certain ones and some have some negatives that go along with it as well, I think you got to identify what's going to align the most with number one what, you want what is your ultimate vision and why do you want to build an online business, these are questions you're
gonna ask yourself before you even get started. why are you gonna do this because if you don't have a strong enough why and you don't know what it's all for then how are you gonna go through the ups and downs they're gonna have to go through. you're not going to go through the adversity and the challenge is that you're gonna face, everyone's gonna face them. but your why
and your purpose for doing this is what's really gonna pull you through that.

So why are you doing this, are you doing this so that you can quit your job, are you doing this so that you can create freedom, is that you doing this so that you can give back and contribute to other people's lives, are you just doing it because you want to make as much money as you possibly can. there's no right or wrong answer, but you've got to know what that is because if you told me Vonny my number one motivator for building an online business is to get rich.

 I want to be a multi-millionaire, great I can give you certain businesses that can allow you to make more money than others, but it might come at a certain cost, maybe the cost is you're not gonna be able to do what you love, right you might have to pursue a certain opportunity and maybe you're okay with that, right some people are maybe it's not gonna contribute in the level that you might want to contribute or as other business models could or maybe it's not gonna give you as much freedom as others can as well you know. maybe for example you tell me Vonny my goal is I want to help people, I want to make a difference in the world, great... I can give you business models that can allow you to align with that and really allow you to be in that element of service and contribution to others, or if you know if you tell me Vonny, I don't I just want to build a business so that I can live the 4-hour workweek, I don't want to put much time, I'm happy just to make a six-figure aybe a seven-figure income, but I want the passive income and I want the freedom I'm more of the kind of person that I don't really work that hard and work hard for long, I like to retire in the next few years and I'm looking for an online business that can provide that where I can run without me on autopilot, so that I can you know just kind of maintain it or manage it a little bit, but I don't want to have to be involved I want to build something for that purpose or you might say I want to build something so I could sell it.

All these different factors come into play and that's why I can't just tell you and nobody can tell you that this is the right one for you because everyone's different. okay now I don't want to spend too much time going too deep in it too deep with this but I'll give you guys a resource to help you guys with this, So that's step number one, Identify which business is right for you, whatever business that you pick. you have to believe in it. you have to go all in, you've got to say to yourself, this is it this is the business that's right for me, I believe in it I believe in myself, I'm gonna make it work, and you can't be we'll talk about this later the shiny object syndrome, where you're doing it and then another opportunity comes along, and you're like oh this one seems a lot better than this one then what I'm doing over here, and then you jump ship to this one and then before you know it there's another opportunity another shiny object, you jump from this to that, and you're just jumping all over the place and you never really master anything.

 so that's why I think it's important to find a business that aligns with your vision or values your purpose, what you want.

2. Get the help that you need in order to build your business

Step number two, whatever online business that you pick the one that you're gonna pursue, the one that's gonna create the freedom for yourself and again they all work, so even though there might be better opportunities out there you can be success with any any of them. number two is to get the help that you need in order to build your business, that might mean investing in a course a training, some sort of program, does step by step by step by step, where people have already been successful with this business, that have the experience that been through the trials and tribulations have been through the ups and downs they've been through the failures, they've been at it for years and years and years and years, that they've worked with hundreds or thousands of the other people as well to be successful and achieve the results learn from them. don't try to learn things on your own, don't think well... I don't need to invest in myself, I'm just gonna figure it, you know I can just Google this or that and try to build a business, only a fool thinks that way, only someone that's willing to waste time money go through the stress, the why go through that.

If you don't have to, I don't want to learn from my experience that's way too painful, I'd much rather learn from other people's experiences, I much rather learn from other people that have already been there and done it, so that I can fast-track the process to success, so I can accelerate it, why try to reinvent the wheel if someone's already invented it, why try to recreate success if someone's already achieved success and can give you the blueprint and the steps and let you know what to avoid and what you should do and what you shouldn't do. so that you can achieve where you want to go, I kind of you know always use this analogy it's almost like it's, almost like you're trying to find a treasure in the jungle.

A lot of people it's like the treasure is building the online business and the success that you can get from it. what a lot of people do is they don't even have a map they're trying to find the treasure on their own, and if you do that you're just an idiot because you're gonna be walking through the jungle, you're gonna get it you know go you're gonna eat lost number one you're gonna go through a lot of adversity and challenges and frustration and you're gonna waste time and you're probably gonna give up as most people do I see it all the time, you're probably gonna give up because it's just way too hard to try, to try to get there on your own, and so a smarter person thinks you know what there's a treasure there someone's already been there righ,t so why don't I just get a map, and all I've got to do is that's gonna follow the map, I've got to follow the GPS and you know, I follow it, it's gonna look down see what it says, I'm gonna take X number of steps this way and then you, you know put it on pause and you do it that's like watching a video, watching going through a course as they tell you what to do to show you how to do it, you pause the video or you know you wait - the video is over and then you do it and then now you're ready for video number two and then you watch it, you find out the instructions and then you do it and you're just following the steps and that's gonna always be the most guaranteed the fastest way that you can possibly get to where you want to go, and it was even better.

I use this example when you have coaches and mentors and people like that is that if you get lost, you know and some you're still kind of lost or confused you can actually have a helicopter that comes and picks you up, or a coach or a guide that can actually guide you through the jungle as well, there's different ways that can allow you to get to the destination a lot faster, a lot sooner, a lot easier. So I learned this the hard way, I was the kind of person that I'm sure many of you might be read this article or like as well, where I was too stubborn and I was too cheap to be honest as well where I, I my values and my beliefs were really messed up, where I'd much rather put my money on going out with my friends and all the sort of stuff then actually investing that money to my own education,  my own well-being and my own success.

so for me, I refuse to do this for a long time and that's one of the biggest reasons why I struggled for a long time and then once I finally got this and I learned how much faster eyes I could succeed and learn things by standing on the shoulders of giants, and I can literally compress decades into days my success just went like that it just became so much easier for me to be able to do it, this is so much common sense, I'm still amazed by how many people that still try to figure things out on their own through, YouTube videos or Google when they could just get a proven step-by-step that it's gonna allow them to get to where they want to go so much faster. so find a course, find a training, find the resources that you need that can guide you even better is. if you can hire a coach or a mentor but that's gonna that is going to cost you a lot more money and often times you don't really need a coach or mentor until you've already got the basics down, Because if you can learn the basics.

For example I've got courses where some people they reach out to me for mentorship and I'm like well listen to it. why don't you just go through my course first because everything that I'm gonna tell you based on the level that you're at is gonna be right, there in the course I'm gonna save you a lot of money just go through the course and then once you've been through that, then I can actually help you because you've got the foundation and it'll be a lot easier after that, so that I think that's the best way, best way is to find the step-by-step courses video trainings it's not gonna overwhelm you, it's not going to get you lost, you're not going to be confused that's number one if you can get coaching, that can help you some additional questions that you might have or a specific feedback that you might need, then sure that's definitely gonna be valuable for you but you know the thing that you got to realize is that you're building a business.

If you're not willing to invest in your business, you're not willing to invest in yourself, then my advice is not even to get started, because I think a lot of people they get into this, thinking that their business, they're gonna start a business that's going to immediately provide this income for them, it's gonna be the solution to their financial troubles that they have, and if you're looking for immediate income, then you need to get a job, because a business is not going to provide anything immediate back. a business is an asset that you're putting time and money into because of the future possibility and potential that it has to give you that money and that freedom in that passive income but you're not gonna get anything back right away. it's gonna take a few weeks, a few months of putting in that work that time energy and money to get something back from it, so if you're looking for the immediate the magic, you know pill of how to make money, then you got to get a job. you've got to you know do certain things where you put in the hour and you get paid immediately back for that hour, you get paid for that project, that's the more immediate way you gotta make money, but you got to understand this business, you got to treat it as such you got to take it seriously, you've got to be willing to invest time, money, sacrifice, it's gonna be willing to put that into it, if you want to get the results back.

A lot of people don't want to do that and if that's you, if you're not willing to invest in the right education or course, then there's not really much that anyone can really do for you, until you you you decide that you're gonna take it seriously enough and your own life no success seriously enough that you're gonna do what it takes. so that's my advice when it comes to that is be willing to invest in quality training the best of the best that can allow you to succeed easiest in the fastest way possible, if not then that's fine just maybe it's not for you, maybe you can work, you know a job maybe you could save money put it aside, so that you're ready to start your business but I would not get started if  you're going about it on your own.

3. Be willing to put in the work take massive action

Step number three be willing to put in the work take massive action it's great that you might have invested in the course you got the training you got the education but it doesn't have much value unless you actually do something with it at least the fact what I found is the people that actually invest in something there are a hundred times more likely to actually do something with it versus the people that just watch videos for free, i know a person got a YouTube channel that reaches million people a month or views per month I'm not sure how many of those are unique views but over a million, a million plus views a month, 30 million views one thing I'm always amazed by is most of those people that watch he's videos, it's amazing content a lot of people love he's content you know a lot of subscribers that he have, he get a lot of great feedback but most people don't do anything with any of the information, that he share and it's almost like he always have the struggles, like he want to put out the free information but most people aren't going to do anything with it because they're just in this passive mode of consuming and not creating, not being active, their passive not active and it kind of feeds into that but at least it brings awareness and it does help the people that are willing to take action. but I found that most of them it's not until they actually invest in a course or invest in themselves they're actually gonna be more likely to actually do something with it, because they've got skin in the game.

Massive action guys you have to you have to be taking action with what you've learned. one of the biggest challenges that we live in today's world is there's too much information out there's, information overload and I mentioned before it kind of puts you more in that passive state and I believe that you know a good ratio that I try to follow is for at least every hour of learning of what going through a course or even go through videos or podcasts, for every hour of learning I'm gonna spend at least three hours in implementation and execution of that. So if I go through it you know of course in that spend an hour I want to spend at least three hours actually applying what I learned. Taking action with that and that ratio that one hour to three hour ratio. I think that's a good amount if you can give me lesson it to ten minutes that one to three ratio, I think is a good amount but you've got it, you've got to just build a habit of action in your life and understand that, the more time you just spend sitting there consuming information you're building that habit as well so you don't want to build the habit of just being passive, you also I think you're gonna learn so much more excuse has always been my experience, you learn so much more by doing then you're there just by sitting and learning, so you learn it, you take action with it.

When you actually taking action with it you you actually understand it a lot more, there's actually a saying that goes like this what I hear, I tend to forget what I see I remember but what I do, I understand okay so doing and if you guys know the three levels of mastery knowing doing living, most people knowing it's not enough right, you can know what to do but you don't do what you know they're not going to get results doing is great too but you got to do it consistently which leads to living your living something. when you're getting the results and you're doing it consistently in your life. So gotta take massive action, you've got to build those habits. now here's a thing a lot of people when they're trying to pursue success they're trying to build them online business, you're gonna have a lot of barriers come up. here's one thing I love about an online business or any any amazing pursuit in life is that it will always expose your weaknesses.

It will always expose your limitations it's gonna point out why you're not successful and maybe it's gonna expose your lack of consistency, your lack of focus, your lack of your procrastination, your lack of massive action. it's gonna bring up your fears that you have your doubts or limiting. beliefs that's all a good thing, why because it brings awareness to that and you can actually address them, you know you're starting to pursue your online business you notice that certain things come up for you well. the person with the growth mentality says okay this fear is coming up, I've got this limiting belief,  great now I can  I'm glad that it exposed this because now I can address it now I could do something about it, now I can work on myself and I know this is what I got to work on so that I can break through he next level for me, it brought up so many different things I had no awareness of before but it was good because I had to work on those, I had to work on these fears, I had a fear of rejection, I had to address that and took me a while but the thing is is that everyone's gonna have a different journey and that's what's going to determine your success even though you might have the right information. you have to overcome these hurdles. these internal hurdles that we have that are holding us back and that's why I also believe that in any journey of success.

You've got to be working on yourself, you've got to be doing personal development, you've got to be going through books and audio programs and maybe going to seminars and getting coaches, that can help you improve and resolve these inner conflicts that you might have right. so if you have limiting beliefs holding you back you can hire coaches that can help you overcome them you can go through books and study how to focus better, you can study how to be more motivated, you can study how to be more disciplined. all those things you can study, you can learn about how to improve your confidence, your belief systems, your abundance mentality, so you can work on yourself to improve it and when you improve those elements of yourself then your online business will succeed so much faster and every other endeavor of your life will also succeed so much faster as well.

So this is saying by Jim Rohn which is a great success coach who passed away a number of years ago you said you've got to work harder on yourself than you do on your job or anything else. work harder on you because he said that for most people your income seldom exceeds our level of personal development, the more that you grow and you improve yourself the more your income grows and every other aspect of your life grows as well. so I believe having a self development practice in your life has to be a priority, as you're building your online business as you're going through courses and trainings and all that sort of stuff, so that you can improve you. Now some people maybe they don't need this as much but I know people like myself and a lot of people out there we have a lot of blocks around money, around our habits a lot of old conditioning and all these things that are holding us back in spite of the best intentions in spite of the opportunities that are available to us. so really work on ourselves next the next step, I believe is to focus more on adding value and contributing and solving problems than focusing on just making money for yourself, this is a tough one for a lot of people including myself when I first started see a lot of people are starting an online business because of what it will provide for them right they're focused on. I want to make I want to get this back in return, I want to make X amount of money, what's my return on investments right and it's all about them but the problem is, you can't succeed with that thinking, you can't succeed with that mentality because the reality is you only get paid in businessbased on your contribution you know your job.

As an online business owner as an entrepreneur is to solve other people's problems. there's other problems that exist in every market every niche out there, and your job is to solve them by creating a product a service that can help solve their problem and add value to the customer, add value to the market in some way shape or form and when you do that and you contribute to them, they're gonna pay you in exchange for that, there's an exchange of value that takes place you're providing value and then you're getting value back in the form of money now also might be creating content. you know I'm a content creator the mindset that I have, if I'm creating YouTube videos  and I'm just like volt, I just want to do this just for what I can get, I want the views, I want the ubscribers, I want to make all this money that's gonna come across my video, if you don't benefit from it, I don't make any money, if you don't benefit then why would you even subscribe, why would you watch more videos, why would you buy anything from, it doesn't work that way, so that's why you've got to take yourself out of the selfish and mentality and you have to put yourself in a different mentality of a giver and you have to be okay with getting more value, than what you get back, I love that guys, I love you know for me when I provide way more value to people and I try to over deliver for them, and they are blown away by that and I create a raving fan customer right someone that's gonna want to buy more and more for me and it's gonna allow me to build my brand, and that's what I try to do with YouTube videos.

 I try to give away so much for you for free I try to over-deliver I try to help you as many ways as I possibly can and I believe because of that I actually don't really need to market or sell that much because I'm already given so much for free and so much benefit that a lot of my customers and people that before they buy my products they're already a raving fan. they know it's gonna be great they, I've had people, they even buy my stuff not even because they wanted or need it just to show appreciation and want to support me, that's the power of contributing to other people's lives and being in that mentality. now I think the challenges is that a lot of people when they have a job they're, in a more of a value extraction mentality right they're going to work each day, and they're just looking at their job as a way to extract value from their employer, they're looking at the clock you know waiting for five o'clock to roll around and they're just waiting for you know to get their paycheck every two weeks and they're looking to do the the minimum effort.

You know whatever the most minimal that they could possibly do to get paid they're not in the mentality of trying to provide massive value to their employer. they're not in the mentality of trying to over deliver worked extra hours, don't worry about paying me for overtime and I just want to over deliver for this company that's the mentality that a lot of people I think that they don't hav,e when they have a job and so now when they try to build a business it's a hard transition for them because that mentality of doing the the minimum effort does not work in business because you only get paid based on the results and the value that you add you don't get paid based on the hour, you don't get paid for showing up, I mean I could show up, I could take out my computer every day and just browse around on Facebook and YouTube, I'm not getting paid for that time, don't create any value if I don't you know contribute in any way shape or form. if I don't create any results, I'm not getting paid for that, I'm only getting paid for what I create the product that the value that is being provided to people. so it's a different mentality and you've got it constantly work, on that constantly work on that giving mentality it can be tough when you're you're in the scarcity mentality initially but and there's nothing wrong with receiving back. that's a good thing too but I believe in giving more than what you receive.

So that's a that's a key mentality that's a very important step that is gonna allow you to be successful because people do business with people that they like know and trust. if people don't you know. for example in your case wouldn't you rather do business would you rather give your money to a company or someone that you like and that's already provided value to you and you have that trust with them of course right. so this is the good thing about business, is it forces you to contribute it, forces you to be less selfish in your life and to be a good person at least. not that you can't make money by being a selfish, there's people that do that but it's not gonna be sustainable it's not gonna last long term.

4. Surround yourself with like-minded people

Step number four,  the next step that I have for you, is to surround yourself with like-minded people, I've already mentioned this before you can't try to go about things on your own you can't go both things the hard way that I see so many people that try to do. one of the biggest challenges I see a lot of people face is they're trying to build an online business but their friends and family and other people in their life they're not supportive of it, or they live in a totally different reality and so they're actually being subconsciously held back by these other people in their life. for example you might be excited you might read this article other article and say Vonny I'm ready I'm sold, I want to create the online business, I want to live laptop lifestyle what courses do you have and you know you take the quiz or you invest in the course that I might have available or one that I recommend and you get started with it and you spend this money you're going through the training and you want to share that with the people in your life you share it with your family, your mom or dad your brother your sister your friends and the reaction you get back is not what you expect, the reaction you get back is well my god you did what you invested in a course, you paid that amount of money and on all my course you're crate that's probably a scam, it's not gonna work, you just go get a job instead I don't, you don't you know there's online business things those aren't real, those people those are all Liars out there online, that are trying to sell you something right.

They're gonna project their beliefs their limitations on to you and that's going to affect you that's going to discourage you that's gonna plant a seed in your mind that's not going to serve you it's gonna create some doubts that's gonna hold you back that as you're going through this course, you're trying to do it but then the back of your mind, you're like oh maybe they're right I'm not seeing the results fast enough I've been at this for the last 30 days I'm not making any money yet maybe they're right and then they tell you I'll see I told you, you're still doing that online business thing you know they're still trying to do that, you're just wasting your money wasting people like that, they're gonna be toxic in your life you can't have in your life, that's nota real friend that's not a support system and so that's why you need to create, what I believe is that support that community. I call it your empowering ecosystem, surrounding yourself with like-minded people that are already living the same reality that you want to live. they're already successful, they're there, there are many steps ahead of you when they're around those people they get it it's like they understand the language, they're more ambitious people that refuse to settle because most people in society your friends and family, they're not ambitious they're not going to be driven they're not gonna have that mindset because you know they're gonna project their reality onto you and in many ways that might try to hold you back because it makes them feel insecure your success, are you going for it is it going to make them feel uncomfortable because maybe they're afraid to lose you or maybe it's gonna make them have to look at themselves in a certain way and they're not gonna feel about themselves, that good right.

You got it you're gonna understand that is where those people are coming from, not judge them for it, but it's just you know how it is so surrounding yourself the people I think number one online is great those communities or Facebook groups all the courses I cringe. I try to create a Facebook group community because I've seen the difference when other people are a part of something they can share their journey, their story how they got started they can network with people you can meet other people in different parts of the world. it's very powerful when you have that group but of course in person is even more powerful, if you can meet up mastermind groups and and go to seminars and events that's even more powerful, I personally pay to go to masterminds and events every year, because I want to be around more successful people.

I find sometimes it's a good start to stubbier on anyone that's got an online business on the same path but for me I find like a lot of the free events that you go to you they're just kind of people that are starting out people, that are struggling and whatnot nothing wrong with that everyone's got a different level but for me I realized, this is fine but I gotta pay to be around the guys making millions of dollars and I want to be in the groups of people where I'm like a sponge on the wall. there's a saying that goes like thism that if you're the smartest person in the room then you're in the wrong room, you want to be in those groups where you're uncomfortable because everyone else is further ahead than you. Whatever online business that you decide, whatever business that you decide to start is to commit to it, for at least a year.

Don't give up guys, it's well worth it, it's a small price to pay to create the amazing lifestyle that you can create by having an online business, so this article has been pretty long. Hope you enjoy it.